Jennifer Driscoll - JD

A Nor-Cal girl livin’ in the 3-0-3!  I’ve moved around a bit throughout life but I’m pretty much the same loving, loyal, fun SASSAFRASS red-head!

I’m a connector! Love spreadin’ the love for all things that I think you just CAN’T live without and peeps that I absolutely adore and think you MUST know! I’m uber passionate about social media and think you just need to get on it and figure it out!

I’m honored in my role of training and helping others grow in their journey to become more fit and I’m constantly learning more about myself and striving to grow and become the BEST ME I can be!


I LOVE SNOWBOARDING! LOVE fashion! And LOVE teaching and motivating others along their fitness journey!

Life is a crazy ride and I look for every opportunity to make it the most FUN possible!  I’m all about hangin’ with other people that are positive and upbeat!  Don’t try to drag me down YO, it won’t work!

Oh, …and of course…  EVERYTHING is BETTA with BLING! ;-)

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