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Make-Up Review for Fitness Instructors – Make-Up Forever Foundation & Urban Decay Mascara

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Product Review: Burton Women’s Sly Vest

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Looking for new ideas on what to wear in the spring-time on the mountain?  Check out my review on the Burton Women’s Sly Vest.

Closing Day – May 7th at Loveland Ski Area – GORGEOUS DAY!

In the video, I accidentally put JUNE – but it really was May 7th!  Oopsies!  Wishful thinking!  HA!

Let me know what you think!

Product Review – Oakley GB All Mountain Gloves 2010/2011

Friday, February 18th, 2011


SNOW SHOW Week in Denver 2011

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

I have to start by telling you that the S.I.A. Snow Show has previously been held yearly in Las Vegas… until last year, 2010, when Denver, Colorado hosted it for the first time!  And once I learned about it and what it was – basically a trade show for people within the snow industry… I decided I just HAD to find a way IN!  But the deal is, it’s for people within the industry… not your average jane without credentials.   I work in an office downtown Denver literally just a few blocks down the street from the Convention Center where it is held.  As I walked by and even went into my local board shops and chatted with people to learn more about it… I just wasn’t able to find an “IN”. 

So this year, I knew it was coming and watched industry tweets while trying to learn more about the Snow Show as well as some of the events involved through-out the week.  I didn’t have a foolproof plan.  But again, decided to be more open about wanting to get in… with anyone… instead of just peeps in my office ;-)

Then,  a few weeks ago,  driving in to work, I saw an ad up on the Convention Center about an upcoming event… DENVER BIG AIR!!!  Are you kidding?  I LOVE this stuff!  And we have an event actually coming in to downtown Denver.  So naturally, I checked out the info and sent it out to my office!  Then discovered it was going to be built at Civic Center Park right down the street the other direction from my office! 

2 weeks out from the event, the build began, and I’ve been ALL ABOUT it!  On our lunches, my friend Sara and I have been walking over to the build site to watch the progress each day.  It’s been super fun to watch it come together, to hear the buzz within downtown about it, and then see it all go down both nights with the ski competition Tuesday night and then the boarder competition Wednesday.  It truly made me feel so proud of Denver!

While teaching my Body Pump class Tuesday night I found myself talking about the Denver Big Air event and I got a couple of giggles from a gal over on the side of the room.   Quite honestly, I get giggles for a variety of reasons, so didn’t think too much of it, but after class she came up to me and said, “I couldn’t help but giggle when you were talking about the event downtown because I’m involved with that – with the safety team.”   We talked more about it and the week’s upcoming events and as usual, I got all excited just talking about it!   She said, “What do you do?  How do you know so much about it all?”  And I said I’m just a snowboarder and enthusiast of all things around it.  I just love spreading the word about things that I love and think are super cool!   I mentioned that I am on a mission to one day get IN to the Snow Show!  She eventually told me that she also works for Red Bull and that she may have a possibility of getting an extra pass in to S.I.A. 

WHAT???  I’m not gonna lie… I got a little excited inside the second that she said that… but also realized that the reality of that happening was a pretty slim chance.  Nonetheless, I said, if something should come up, feel free to contact me through the gym.  COOL!  It was super cool to chat with her and learn a little more background to the events, and I really did walk away feeling like we would meet up again sometime down the road… but no time soon…

BUT… GUESS WHAT???  She called me today and said that she was planning on going in to the show and would like to invite me to be her guest to come along with her!!!

Um, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I tell you just how flippin’ excited I am???  Okay, so you probably get it… and maybe you don’t… maybe you’re like, “so what?  what’s the big deal???  It’s just a trade show”

Yeah, well, it’s a trade show that revolves around SNOW SPORTS and all that it entails!  And P. flippin’ S. - if you already know me, you may know I have a little addiction to finding the funnest, cutest snow-gear out there!  And I also take pride in the fact that many of my friends as well as only acquaintances contact me for info on buying fun, functional and fashionable snow gear!  So YES!  I’m pretty stoked to get this opportunity to go INSIDE tomorrow afternoon and see NEXT YEAR’S GEAR!!!

So, stay tuned… I hope to be tweetin’ and postin’ with some pics tomorrow!

Product Review: Columbia Omni-Heat Jacket 2010/2011 – Day 2

Sunday, December 19th, 2010


Product Review: Columbia Omni-Heat Jacket 2010/2011 – Day 1

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

1st day wearing the jacket that Columbia sent to me to test their new Omni-Heat technology… listen to what I think…

Shout out to Tom for taking a fun action vid of me snowboarding! FUN!

Oh …and leave me a comment on what YOU think!

Columbia Omni-Heat Test Jacket Arrives 12-15-10

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Gotta LOVE Twitter! Testing 1, 2, 3… Columbia Omni Heat

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Columbia Omni-Heat testing letter

So apparently I post enough about snowboarding and women’s apparel via Twitter and Blog to be contacted by Columbia Sportswear to test one of their nrew products.  Pretty cool, right?  I think so!

My first gut reaction was “Cool!  A free jacket!”  But I’ll have to admit I had an immediate 2nd reaction/hesitation… So my first response back to them was:

I would LOVE to participate in such a thing for you… but I’ll have to admit, my first question… IS IT CUTE?  Are there pockets?  Is it truly warm?  Can you wash it?  I’m all about forward function and FASHION!   (I know, you thought my first question would be “Is it PINK?”)

They wrote back right away:

“Thanks for getting back, Jennifer, and for agreeing to be a vigorous tester.  Only you will be able to answer those questions (well, I can tell you that it does have pockets!).  More info and the jacket will be on the way, and we look forward to your full and honest feedback!” 

So, that’s that… just got a letter in the mail stating that the jacket is on it’s way… so… we’ll see… I’m SO freakin’ curious which jacket they’ll be sending and if will match any of my groovy snowboarding pants!   However, I AM sure of one thing… it will most likely be in desparate need of a lil’ BLING!

Stay tuned…


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Jennifer Driscoll - JD

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I’m a connector! Love spreadin’ the love for all things that I think you just CAN’T live without and peeps that I absolutely adore and think you MUST know! I’m uber passionate about social media and think you just need to get on it and figure it out!

I’m honored in my role of training and helping others grow in their journey to become more fit and I’m constantly learning more about myself and striving to grow and become the BEST ME I can be!


I LOVE SNOWBOARDING! LOVE fashion! And LOVE teaching and motivating others along their fitness journey!

Life is a crazy ride and I look for every opportunity to make it the most FUN possible!  I’m all about hangin’ with other people that are positive and upbeat!  Don’t try to drag me down YO, it won’t work!

Oh, …and of course…  EVERYTHING is BETTA with BLING! ;-)

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Me and my BOYZ @ Copper for Christmas 2009

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009
Me and the Boyz at Copper

We LOVE to ride ANY DAY o’ the week!  But one of my fave times of the year to ride is when the nephews and neices come to visit!   Well, none of the neices have really taken to lovin’ it so much yet… but that’s okay, we get to hang out together and play games in the evenings.

It’s just SO much FUN when the boys come out cuz we all ride together in this huge pack!  At first I think I was kind of annoyed by it… not a lot… just a little… cuz you’re always waiting for someone… and by saying “you’re”… I mean ME.  Tom is THE. PERFECT. tour guide you’d ever want on the mountain for takin’ you around and showing the mountain… totally tailored to YOUR skills!  But he’s not so much a care-taker type… so when one of them is struggling a bit… it’s MY job to hang back and make sure all is well.
Now mind you… there is a finesse to this act with teenage boys that I won’t say I’ve totally mastered yet… but I keep trying… well, honestly I’m not sure how well I’m “trying” cuz I do think letting their egos get SO huge is a bit ridiculous!  But whatever, the reality is that while they do seem pretty stoked that their Aunt Jen can ride… their way more stoked to ride with Uncle Tommy… he is afterall… the schnizit!
Bottom line, I feel like we’re riding with our own posse’ and I just absolutely ADORE it!  Just can’t wait for this year’s installments and sets of waves of various nephews and friends pairing and groupings throughout the holiday / school breaks over the season!  Cuz my posse’s gonna be back together and we’re gonna RIDE!