Turbo FIRE Holiday Succes Plan Challenge!!! First INFO MEET 10.26.10

Ready to COMMIT?

Yep!  Sadly… 14 pounds is how much I’ve gained over the summer!  And I’m not proud of it… but I thought I should share up front.  I need to reign it back in and get back to being me… there’s an entire snowboarding season on the horizon after all!  So, I decided to get my booty back in shape with my FAVORITE workout!!  TURBO FIRE!!   I also decided that it would be WAY more fun to share in the accountability with friends… and just in time for the holiday craziness!!   Many of these workouts are very short and they ALL are very effective… so it will be the PERFECT answer to your holiday schedule!   NO EXCUSES!!! 

I am super pumped to have you check out and JOIN up on my Fitness Challenge with Turbo FIRE!   I AM a little biased… since I had the amazing opportunity to be in half of the videos with Chalene! Super cool experience that I will NEVER forget!   Not to mention, I leaned out SO fast while just doing all the practice and taping for the videos… so I am CONFIDENT that this program is what is gonna bring my sexy back!   Tee hee! ;-)   Being in the Turbo FIRE videos myself…showed me FIRST HAND how the program can completely transform my body and my endurance in teaching as well as on the mountain hiking and snowboarding.  I know if you stick with it, stay committed to me as your coach and push yourself a little bit more each time…..you can see results.   To help you out I am putting together this Turbo FIRE Challenge so that you can join a group of peeps to help reach your fitness goals.   The only cost to you to join is the cost of the program.   All my coaching and training (including weekend workouts) are included in the program costs.   Here’s what you’ll be receiving!

What is Turbo FIRE? It is a 90 day all included fitness program with a combination of Cardio, Sculpt, Core and HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) classes scheduled out over a 6 day/week training plan. You also get a meal guide/food plan to follow for optimal results. In the basic Turbo Fire Kit you also receive a thigh toner band to use. The Deluxe kit gives you 5 additional workouts, resistance bands, Fire journal and our special Recovery Formula recovery drink. Either Kit signs you up for the Challenge. These workouts are for beginners all the way to the advance fitness participant. Modifications are shown on all exercises as well as tools to get started for those who are new on the path towards better health & fitness.

I will be hosting a demo HIIT class next Tuesday evening, October 26th at 7:15pm here in Denver at Balanced Life Systems studio for all those interested in attending.   Come to hear the details and to do the workout!

We will go over all the details at this info party – at Balanced Life Systems studio at 515 30th Street, Denver, CO, 80205 – and it should last for about 1 hour. You will taste Turbo Fire, share in some Shakeology samples and learn the details for the next 90 days. If you are unable to attend but want to join in on the challenge here are the details:

 We start the challenge on Nov. 7th, 2010 and our end date is Jan. 30th, 2011.

To join in you must purchase your TURBO FIRE through my website www.jdkix.com and choose the Turbo Fire program. It takes 8 business days to ship w/regular shipping so plan ahead to start on time. Every new customer who purchases the program off my site will receive a free Shakeology gift.  If you purchase your program off my site by this next Tuesday, Oct. 26 you will also be entered into a drawing for our “Get Fired Up for Turbo Fire” gift basket which includes a Turbo Fire hoodie, Turbo FIRE hat, journal and more…..awesome gift.

We BEGIN on November 7th, so on the 6th you will weigh, measure and take before pics. Only thing you will share with me is your beginning weight.
  • Every Sunday after that you will check in with me on your weight and also how you are Fired up!
  • You will keep track on your Fire Guide when you complete your workouts and report on Sunday too!
  • We will also have 3 weekend workouts scheduled where we all get together as a huge team (if you are local ) and workout. These are not mandatory but will be super FUN!!
  • Every 30 days you will re-measure and take a new picture….trust me you will be happy you did!!
  • After our challenge end we will all get together in a FUN celebration of our success!

Stop waiting for the right time, cheapest gimmick or fad diet to help you with your goals….. I am offering to help you stay committed to this program and have success.  So don’t make any more excuses! Invite your family, friends or neighbors to join in with you…cost for them is just the program itself.

Let me know if you are IN and sign up today on my website: www.jdkix.com and you’ll also be entered in for our team FIRED UP Basket!!   Any questions, email me at jdkix00@gmail.com .


P.S.  You DON’T have to live local in order to participate… just purchase your Turbo FIRE program through my website at www.jdkix.com and you will still have access to me as your Coach and to my private facebook group page.

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