I’m definitely a huge fan of twitter, facebook, instant messaging and all things related to online communication, but there is one thing delivered via “low tech” method that I think should NEVER die.  A handwritten THANK YOU note! 
I wouldn’t call myself a “pack-rat” by any means… in fact, I think that I am fairly good and regularly going through my things to clean out and purge… but 1 thing that I have an even more difficult time tossing than Nike Shox shoes, are my thank you notes and cards that I have received throughout the year.   Some are pinned up on my corkboard… and the rest of my fav’s are kept in an artsy hat box.  And every now and again, when I’m sorting through things, I pull a few out and re-read them.  And they make me feel loved and special and warmly thought of… all over again! 
Now, while writing a note that simply says   “thank you” is of course appreciated… why stop there???  Why not REALLY make someone’s day?  Most of our mail in the mailbox these days is a mess of junk… literally… or bills… boo!  So you have quite an opportunity here to make someone’s trip to the mailbox worth smiling over!   Think about it… when you see a bright colored envelope with your name on it, doesn’t it make your heart smile to know that someone thought enough to take the time out of their crazy-busy schedule to sit down and WRITE to YOU?!? 
So TAKE this opportunity and use it fully.   Be specific – it’s easy to just write “thank you” … and while that is nice, let’s be honest… it’s obligatory and not nearly as meaningful as sharing something specific to the gift that was received or thoughtfulness that was expressed.   Let them know what it is that you really love about the gift that they gave to you and how you think you will use it and how it will make your day better or easier or just brighter. 
But you don’t have to wait to RECEIVE something in order to send a THANK YOU note!  Some of the BEST notes are just sent seemingly out of the blue!  There are SO many people in all of our lives that touch us on a daily basis whether in a major or seemingly minor way.  There is ALWAYS something nice to say to someone… while still being SINCERE and honest.  And I know that when I receive a note like this… the smile that it puts on my face stays ALL day long!   It’s such a fantastic feeling!

Now that I think of it… I gotta peace out… I’ve got some special peeps to write!!!

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