Camp TK – FABULOUS experience!!

What an AMAZING experience Camp TurboKick was! If you didn’t get an opportunity to attend this year – start planning ahead for next year!!! It will be even MORE amazing!!

Here are some photos fromm the weekend:


Fellow APD friends Sean, Mindy, Amanda and Quirina and I having an opportunity to reconnect TURBO style!!

And of course, a moment with Chalene and new APD Jackie!

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7 Responses to “Camp TK – FABULOUS experience!!”

  1. Heidi Mohs says:

    oh, so you are an APD? I didn’t know I was talking with someone famous! Wasn’t camp awesome? I can’t wait til next year. Anyway, wanted to say hello! Take care!!!
    Heidi (the one with the eyes and who is going to model her haircut after yours!) on team Cam-O!

  2. JD says:

    Heidi! So great to hear from you! How was your TK Certification on Sunday? Did you have a blast???


  3. irish_robbie says:

    Holy Freaking Moly!!! JD it was AMAZING! A PLEASURE! WONDERFUL! STUPENDOUS!!! Getting to meet/hang out/be on the same team/Dance/Workout with you was awesome!!!

    You rock!!! Can’t wait to see ya again!!

  4. Amanda Henderson says:

    Hey cutie!

    SUPER GREAT to hang out with you for an hour or so at camp!!! I had a great time with ya and so glad we got to chat for a bit. =)

    You are one sweet lady with a big heart and I just love ya!

    Next year baby – next year!!

  5. irish_robbie says:

    I love your newest update JD!!! Oh wait…That was…August! :)

    What’s going on? What’s shakin? What’s new??

    Wanna come to Toronto?? :)

    Miss Ya!

  6. Jenn Holst says:

    Hay JD it’s Jenn. Don’t have an e-mail for you so I hope this works. You can reach me at

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