Intro to HUSTLE by Chalene Johnson


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  1. I need desperately to get in shape. I’m approaching 40 and OUT OF SHAPE! So much so that everyday tasks are hard to do and sometimes breathtaking. I want to go to the gym, I feel better after I do, but gosh it is so hard to just GO. Any advise?

    • jenniferjdriscoll says:

      Bottom line: YA GOTTA DO IT! But if you find it difficult to go to the gym at times, you can find great video programs that you can do at home. Check out my website: – Some of my fav’s are Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo FIRE!

      My best quick advice is this:
      SCHEDULE your workouts
      Pack your clothes ahead of time
      JUST DO IT!

      Holla back at me if you’d like help finding a program to get you started in the fit direction!

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